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-jakooll+====== Principle Of Least Surprise (PLS) ====== 
 ===== Variants and Alternative Names ===== ===== Variants and Alternative Names =====
   * Principle of Least Astonishment (PLA)   * Principle of Least Astonishment (PLA)
   * May also be referred to as "​rule"​ or "​law"​ instead of "​principle"​   * May also be referred to as "​rule"​ or "​law"​ instead of "​principle"​
-  * Acronyms ​sometimmjjhlhjkhjkhjkhkhjkhes ​include the "​o"​ for "​of":​ PoLA, PoLS+  * Acronyms ​sometimes ​include the "​o"​ for "​of":​ PoLA, PoLS
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